>> June 22, 2009

Well Sarah and I didn't have a chance to post one last blog before we left to Uganda. We are in the car right now on the way to the San Fran airport.


We have our cameras and Sarah's new birthday present (a Flip Ultra HD video camera). So there be lots to blog when we get back after July 8th.


Muchas Adventuras!

>> June 13, 2009

I guess it is about time that I make a blog post! This is my first blog post... ever. Jordan and I have been incredibly busy the last few weeks. We have not had a moment to spare on blogging!

Where to start? Well, I have now officially finished student teaching! I had my exit interview this last Thursday with some staff at Fresno Pacific. I have learned so much! Here is a photo of my master teacher, Maria Silva, and me. Teaching at Pioneer middle school was a great experience. I will miss Maria and those crazy 8th graders so much! I could not thank my master teacher enough for all the amazing things she taught me!

Jordan and I even got to go on the end of the year trip to Wild Water Adventures with the 8th graders! I did not happen to get any photos though. I will leave an afternoon at Wild Water with a bunch of Jr. Highers to your imagination...
The reason we have been SO busy the last couple weeks has been the fact that we have moved out of the duplex we were renting and are now staying with Jordan's wonderful mom, Terri! She is a champ to be putting up with all our stuff....

Jordan took a while to sort through the records he wanted to keep.. the bench in the background is a piece that Jordan custom bult for our duplex, but we sold it :( Can't take those things to Spain!

I must say I was quite organized!

A nice view of our old patio. We worked so hard to put those pavers in ourselves! We were sad to see it go.

What goes in, must come out. Notice Jordan's face. We could not have done it with all our friends' help!

Notice those pretty paint colors? Well, we painted it ourselves because our land lord said we could and as you could guess...

We had to paint it back to white... my sister-in-law Ashley was fantastic for helping us! We are lucky to have such amazing friends and family. About 8 from our small group at Epic church came over on a Monday night to help us paint!

The painting seemed to never end...

Mini blinds are one of the words ideas. Ever.

Thank you again, Terri, for letting us keep our junk in your sitting room!! We were all very glad (about a week later) after our yard sale was over and all that stuff was gone! It is amazing how much you can accumulate!

Ok, one last story. On Friday the 12th we celebrated our 11 month anniversary and thought it would be nice to go out to breakfast. Jordan took me to Green Valley Cafe here in Hanford. I had never been there before and it was wonderful! We ran into the Dennis and Debbie Bray when we were in the parking lot and had a nice time catching up with them. We were finishing our breakfast and were about ready to ask for the check when our waitress came up and said that the Brays (who were sitting 2 booths away) had paid for our meal! It was such a nice treat! Thank you Dennis and Debbie for making our day :)


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