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>> September 15, 2009

On Saturday night Sarah and I went out with our couchsurfing friends Gui and Leah to La Carboneria, a flamenco bar that is well known for having no sign out front but being recognized by a big red door. It is known to be hard to find but we did some research and ended up finding a good route to get there. It is a popular thing for tourist to go to, but it is also reputable enough that locals hang out there as well. Best of all there is no cover charge. Being a big fan of flamenco, I was super excited to see my first show.

These next videos are from a week before at the Noches En Los Jardines Del Real Alcazar, which was a series of concerts in the gardens of the Real Alcazar, the old palace of Sevilla. We went with Burt Rozema- the director of off campus programs at Trinity, Leslie-the director of Acento, and Julie Ann- the other student ministries coordinator. It was a sweet setting to hear some good music. The group was called Sheela Na Gig, and was composed of a violin player from Chicago, a flautist from Sevilla, a guitar player from Ireland, and a concertina and banjo player for Pamplona, but they are all living in Sevilla now. We apologize for the video quality but Sarah had to be sneaky because all electronic devices were not allowed.


Happynhanford September 15, 2009 at 6:54 PM  

Nice videos! I get the flavor of the culture. It shows that you are having a great time!
Miss yo, but happy for you!
Bee's Mimi

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