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>> September 2, 2009

Sarah and I were worried about getting all of our luggage to our new apartment. Our fears were confirmed when Leslie, the director of the school, came to pick us up in her tiny smart car. But somehow we got it all in there.

This is the main entrance to our apartment building
We have already rode the bus here 2 times
Our street!
Muchas motos. I want one.
This is Sarah and Julie Ann. They are working together this semester until Julie Ann leaves in December.
The students arrived today. All 48 of them.
Students met their senoras who they will be living with. Sweet ladies.

Sorry this was quick. More to come soon.


Happynhanford September 2, 2009 at 1:16 PM  

Great post. Nice Pics! It looks like so much fun!
Love, thoughts, and prayers!
Mimi to Bee

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