Acinipo and Ronda

>> November 19, 2009

Last friday the school took the students on another day trip. First stop was the Roman ruins of Acinipo. It is said to be a city built for retired Roman soldiers. Most of the ruins are piles of rocks but the theater is still in great shape.

For this trip professor Salva was our tour guide.

Then we headed into Ronda. Here is a picture of my professor Cecilia with Sarah. We were killing a little time in a toy store before we ate lunch.

After lunch, Salva started the second tour.

The coolest part about Ronda is that it is surrounded by canyons. This is the Puente Nuevo in which construction began in 1751 and it was finished in 1793. It spans 390 ft. over the canyon.

Puente Viejo or Puente Arabe

We were all excited to hear that we were going to get to go down to the bottom of the canyon.

It was like a whole other world at the bottom.

This is one of Sarah's favorite pictures because you can see the reflection of the houses in the water.

Yet another amazing vista.
Sarah and her co worker Julie Ann. JA has been training Sarah to take over her position in January. School excursions won't be the same without her.

Ronda has one of the oldest bull fighting rings still in operation
Sarah remembered her classmates doing this when she was a student....

We stopped at one last look out for a few photos before leaving the town

Sarah posed for me while a snuck a picture of the old men.

The day came and went way too fast. We hope to spend another day in Ronda soon.


Rhonda November 19, 2009 at 9:30 PM  

Aahhhh. Did it remind you of me ;)?
LOVE the next to last picture. Looks like a beautiful place.
Love and miss you guys!

grandma November 20, 2009 at 6:08 PM  

You guys are very good photographers. You are catching shots that bring so many thoughts into our minds. I guess this took place before your illness, you guys are just looking so good. I also like the houses in the water and the picture of the old gentlemen looks so right. Reminds me of the men my dad hung around on vacations and sat on benches. Thanks for the trip.

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