Tavira and Santa Luzia

>> November 14, 2009

From Lisbon we drove down the toll roads to the Southern coastal town of Faro, then took scenic roads the rest of the way to Santa Luzia, a small fishing town near Tavira. Our host Fausto met us in his car to direct us to his hard to find house. After getting us settled in he had to leave for work but he introduced us to his other Couchsurfer named Kurt.

Kurt introduced himself as a German double grandfather and was quite the character. We quickly realized that he loved to talk and couldn't hear that well, which made it almost impossible to say anything to him during our whole time there. That didn't stop him from constantly having "conversations." Just about every story he told somehow led to couchsurfing.
Which we thought was quite comical.

Kurt had been in the area before and offered to show us around Tavira and find a place to eat. Sarah gave me the "this might get ugly" look, but we were both up for the experience. We drove the short distance into the neighboring city and had a nice walking tour. Kurt was a good tour guide. The kind that you can't fit a word in the whole time. He was very excited about this bridge and how you could see fresh water fish swimming on the right and see the ocean waves coming in on the left.

He explained how the city was in the quiet season, and during this season it was a sleeping town. We also found out that one of the soccer teams from Portugal was playing and everyone was watching the game. It was very relaxing to walk around the quiet little town after spending
so much time in large cities all week.

Sarah and the German double grandfather

Cool church. Most of the structures in Portugal can't be that old
because almost everything was destroyed in a big earthquake
We spent some time in an English style pub ran by a very nice South African family, had a few drinks and watched the game before being directed towards a restaurant that made a good "chicken piri piri." This was another food item we were told we could not leave Portugal before having. It definitely did not disappoint and we felt the restaurant was the most authentic Portuguese place we had been all week.

In the morning we were surprised to be offered breakfast by our generous host Fausto. Kurt even made us some freshly squeezed orange juice. We were sad to have to leave so early but we wanted to see the coast then get back to Sevilla in time to return the Kia.

Kurt recommended that we see the Praia do Barril. From what he told us, it sounded like half the fun was just getting to the place. We parked the car and took a short walk.

We had to cross the little bridge

Then we paid 1 Euro each to ride the train out to the coast.
You could walk the distance but the train looked too fun.

How does one get this job?

They must be running two trains in the tourist season.

It took some distance to finally feel like we were going to the beach.

We enjoyed the pictures at the bottom of this sign that told us what was and what was not allowed.

There was a nice little resort compound.

The Atlantic! and sunshine to go with it.

We were amazed at all the large sea shells. We took one for a souvenir.

This one speaks for itself

and this guy with his net

While looking at shells Sarah found a struggling little starfish

We sent him back to his home and wished him well.

garden of anchors?

The sun was shining and we felt like we could have spent all day on the beach.
Portugal had been good to us. We left knowing that one day we will return.
It was only a two hour drive back to Sevilla. It took us a little time to find our way back to the rental car place but we made it with 2 minutes to spare. We were glad to be back.
It was the first time we really felt like Sevilla was home.


~MOM~ November 14, 2009 at 2:19 PM  

Loved the pictures, I love the way you narrate. The double grandfather, does that mean he has two grandchildren? Would grandmother be a seven grandmother? Gram wants to know what your next adventure will be? It was great seeing you twice today. Love you and sleep well....

Jordan November 14, 2009 at 3:01 PM  

Yes, he said he had two grandchildren. That makes grandma and septuple grandmother. We will post about Ronda soon. Then next weekend we are going to Barcelona.
love you too

Happynhanford November 14, 2009 at 6:30 PM  

Love your blogs! Don't stop! I travel vicariously through you!
Bee's Mimi

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