Finally Thanksgiving

>> December 6, 2009

It feels weird posting about Thanksgiving now, but this is what we did after the trip to Italica. It didn't really feel like Thanksgiving at all but we had a good time and ate some good food at a restaurant called Azucar de Cuba (Sugar of Cuba).

Here is Sarah with the two Ana's at the school. On the left of Sarah is the professora Ana Llamazares and on the right is the school office manager Ana Bello.

Sarah and Julie Ann

Me and my professora Cecilia Pastor

Sarah and students

The very authentic feast


Students and pie!

Professors Salva, Jose Maria, and Mercedes

More students!

There was a secret santa exchange after dinner

Kristin gave me a sweet photo she took of Sarah and I in Huelva.

Cecilia and some other students from my class

Acento staff!

The boys getting rowdy

The girls being girly

A live band showed up and played a mix of Cuban and flamenco music. Those who knew how busted out with the Sevillano dance. Everyone who is from Sevilla knows how to do it. There has been a class on Monday nights for students. Sarah and I hope to take it next year.

Then one of the bartenders taught everyone a cuban dance.

As you can see, it definitely wasn't your typical Thanksgiving family get together but everyone had a good time. The restaurant worked hard to make a special thanksgiving plate and everyone had enough fun to get their minds off of being away from their families for awhile.


Anonymous December 6, 2009 at 4:54 PM  

Now I know what you meant when you say it was a different Thanksgiving. I'm sure you were all Thankful to have each other and that you had plenty food and love to go around. God is Good.

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