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>> December 19, 2009

Well we have been pretty busy finishing out the semester. We said our goodbyes yesterday and just about all of the students got on a plane early this morning. Sarah and I are now focusing on some Christmas shopping and deciding how much we want to take back to California. We leave Sevilla on monday morning and arrive in Fresno monday night. I love traveling westward. The plan is to stay around Hanford until after New Years then go up to Salinas and spend time with Sarah's parents. Then we fly back here on the 11th. We are so excited to see you all and hope we can make time for everyone.

Here is me with the beginners Spanish class on our field trip to see the different nativity scenes around the city. They really go all out here. They don't just do the stable, they do the whole town of Bethlehem, but here they call it Belém.
Lots of details to see. Maybe I'll post some close ups soon.
This one is almost completely edible!

These next pictures are of a Christmas party that we held for some kids at a local church. I played guitar while everyone sang some Christmas carols in English and Spanish. Sarah and Julie Ann taught a dance to some of the Acento students that they performed while we all sang Rocking around the Christmas Tree.
After singing, Santa
read the kids the story of the birth of Jesus.
Then of course it was time for presents. After a very successful bake sale by the staff and students at Acento, Sarah and Julie Ann were able to buy presents for all of the kids.
Merry Christmas! See you all soon!

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