>> September 21, 2010

So Sarah always gets mad at me for posting random photos of her so I decided to post this picture of yours truly from this semesters trip to Cordoba. Sarah snapped it in the Torre de la Calahorra while we were on our audio tour of the museum. This is the THIRD time we were in the museum so the smile is really only for the picture.
We were really happy to see the return of the Feria de las Naciones this year. It comes to the park El Prado and stays for almost a month! The shot of lady liberty is for Cory, Annie, and Bee.

We met up with our Cuban friends Marcos and Delmis on Friday night to enjoy the fair.

There are representatives from all kinds of countries selling goodies that are typical to their area.

I forgot which countries booth this came from but I don´t think it originated there.

What we were all most excited about was the different varieties of food.

Marcos, of course, was drawn to the Cuban booth.

Sarah and I, of course, were very tempted to eat at the Mexican booth

There was much to choose from and as the dinner hour was aproaching the lines were only getting longer.

So we decided on the Dominican Republic food. It is what we ate last year but it was so good we needed to come back for more.

The Australian booth next door made us laugh. I won´t even show you the picture of the American booth (too embarassing and a bad representation).

We all decided that we had made the right choice.

On stage their was a group of musicians from Brazil. Two of the guys set the drums down to demonstrate their Capoeira skills. This guy had amazing body control.

Saturday night we headed out to one of our favorite areas of town, La Alameda. They were having their annual Alamedeando festival where different concerts take place in the middle of the plaza and in some of the bars around it. We mostly came for the food and to take place in Tapeando. During this event each restaurant has their special tapa at a good price, and it comes with a free drink!

Our first stop was called something Cerveceria International. Not the best name and the building didn´t look to inviting but the table outside had fun ikea lanterns.

We were drawn to the calabacin dish they had listed and we were not disappointed. Calabacin is kind of like zucchini and the Spaniards do amazing things with it.

This is the view from our table. The streets had a great atmosphere and it seemed like everyone was out.

Our next stop was a little further off the normal path but I have been wanting to try it. La Estraza is a rock n´roll themed tapas bar.

We went with our new friend Rachel, who went through the Semester in Spain program after Sarah and has now come back to teach English.

This dish as well did not disappoint. We didn´t really know what to expect but I was definitely pleased with the outcome. I had no idea they made ribs this good in Spain.

The bar had a really fun atmosphere and cool artwork. The guy with the orange pants kind of gives you an idea of what people who live in La Alameda are like.

Heres the view from the front door.

We had so much fun on Saturday night that, after church on Sunday we walked the short distance over to the Alameda to enjoy the last night of Alamedeando. This time we were joined by Kike and Martín. After enjoying the cheap beverages being served in the plaza we decided to just grab some pizza and eat it there out in the open. I was trying to teach them the significance of "10-4" and "over" but I don´t think it translates into Spanish.


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