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>> January 16, 2011

Well, like usual, we didn't have time to go around and take pictures of the Christmas lights in Sevilla like we promised before we got on the plane, but you can go check out some really nice pictures on our neighbors, the Teagues, blog HERE.

Our time in California came and went so quickly. It seems like it always feels like we will have a lot of time at the beginning, but before we know it we are getting ready to fly back. My camera was in need of some repair so we didn't take as many photos as we would have liked. So now we are back in Sevilla and remembering all the things we really enjoyed while we were home.

One thing we always miss is of course being our HUGE bed!
Look how tiny Sarah is!

and (good) Mexican Food!
Other foods we indulged in that we can't get in Sevilla.....

-In & Out (Thanks Mark and Vicki! - first meal we ate off the plane)
-Taco Bell
-My mom's Enchilada Casserole (with applesauce of course)
-Tri-Tip (Thanks Gma Duyst!)
-Aunt Claire's Ravioli
-Geta Express
-more Taco Bell
-Me n Eds pizza (Thanks Ashley and Scott!)
-Grandma Bentley's famous breakfast casserole
-BBQ Chicken (thanks Adam and Tiffany!)
-More Mexican Food (thanks Jason and Aaryn!)
-Bagels (Thanks Bruce and Rhonda!)

Most of all we enjoyed.....FAMILY!

and Boo Boo (before)

Boo Boo (after) got another owie on his face
He had to wear a cone this same time last year.
Note: I also REALLY missed my dog Reggie (not pictured)

On Christmas Eve we enjoyed the beautiful weather in Monterey and rode a surrey along the ocean. It was way more of a workout than any of us thought it would be but lots of fun!

Of course we had to stop at Ghirardelli's afterwards for some amazing Hot Chocolate.

Family Photo!

We really enjoyed being back in Hanford too. It was so nice to be close to family and friends. It almost made us not want to leave for Spain again.

All the Bentley cousins in front of Grandma's house for Christmas

On New Years Eve we got together to celebrate Grandpa Duyst's 80th birthday. Grandma had been planning the event all year and it was great to see everything come together. This picture was taken at the end after all Grandpa's friends had left. It didn't quite make the transition to a New Years party but we had watched the ball drop earlier live in New York.

I was in charge of cooking the Tri-Tip.
I had never cooked 6 at a time so I was pretty nervous.
We had an assembly line going to prepare the plates for all the guests.

It was fun to Skype with our neighbors from Spain, the Teagues, while they were visiting family in Alabama. We had gotten used to seeing a lot of them since they moved next door so we really missed them.

After spending countless hours working with Scott and Ashley, we were finally able to finish the super shiny and difficult Star Wars puzzle that Scott got during Christmas Bingo.

We found time during our visit to do a little work on my mom's hall bathroom.
It was in need of some repair and a new floor.

There was a slow leak in the wall behind the shower so some drywall had to be replaced. We also found old termite damage and lots of ant living inside.

New tile!

New toilet! It's two inches taller than the old one. Sarah wasn't happy to find that her heels no longer touch the ground but it's perfect for me.
It was the least we could do for my mom letting us stay in her house and eat her food.
Thanks mom!

Since time ran out so quickly during our visit and we were busy with projects, we didn't get to see everyone we wanted this time around, but we will be coming back for good in July!

Until then...we have been busy getting things ready at the school
and the students arrive tomorrow!!
We are hopeful for a great last semester!


grandma January 30, 2011 at 9:13 PM  

Yes, the time went by fast for all of us. The memories in these photos are great.

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