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>> February 21, 2011

Remember the picture in the last post of Sarah on our big bed in California? Well here it is once again compared with our bed here in Sevilla.

And here I am giving you an idea of how I fit on each bed.

Rayas has been super happy that we are back home. She fights the cold by constantly wanting to be laying and sleeping on top of us.

We got together with friends at our house to celebrate Rachel's (in the middle) birthday. She is doing the same thing that Wesley and Emma (on the left side) are doing....helping teach English at schools. It all started with a good ol' fashion pizza party.

Then the girls fixed each other up in the bathroom.

And the guys played Angry Birds on the computer. Wesley and I were able to get the Spaniards, Martín and Kike, hooked on the game pretty quickly.
The night ended with us getting our dance on at a discoteca. The Teagues took pictures but I am pretty sure they are all too embarrassing to post.

We hosted another super nice couchsurfing couple. We had the privilege of being their first couch surfing experience! Sezen (on the left) is from Turkey and Jochen is from Germany.
They gifted us a sweet plant.

We also finally got to visit out new friends Andy and Jaime's house. They invited us over for some delicious Mexican food. They live in an amazing area of town where almost all the streets are called kissing streets (being that the buildings are so close together.) The best part about the whole setup is that they have a huge rooftop patio all to themselves. Jaime is going to have her baby here in Spain in a few months!!
The view from their front door.

We took a trip to the Sevilla airport with friends Pablo and Cristina. They showed us the spot where you can stand and watch the planes fly right over your heads.

There was a lot of waiting but we had fun with pictures.

Unfortunately we didn't see any landing (which would have flown closer over our heads) but I was able to get a shot with my zoom lens of one of the planes taking off.

We promised them pancakes.
So a week later we had them over for their first American pancake breakfast.

Pablo makes his first flip.

For Valentines Day weekend, we headed over to our church for a romantic dinner with other couples from the church.

We loved the salad served in the pineapple.

We got to know some couples that we had never officially met so it was a great night. Sarah even got to sit next to the Spanish Zooey Deschanel! The food was phenomenal!

On actual Valentines Day, after a morning at the school, we headed over to the Spa at Hotel Melia once again. It was sooo nice to just relax and enjoy the jacuzzi. Sarah can barely fit in our bathtub and I don't even try, and our hot water heat only provides enough water for half of an American shower. In the evening we had a movie night with the students. I "hired" a few of the musical guys that have been working on some stuff together to sing a song for Sarah. They are hoping to take there show to the street to earn some extra money.

We have our tickets for our flight back to California on July 16th! We were able to use our points to by the flights. But since their was no availability in the economy class we had to bump up to Buisness class! (Thanks to Mark and Vicki for sharing their points) So we are pretty excited about that. It is also going to help a lot with the massive amount of luggage and cat we will have. Rayas is going to be riding with us on the plane the whooooole way.
Check out these seats! And yes is a massage chair if you were wondering.


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