Day 1 (first stop) - Cáceres

>> May 19, 2011

Well finally, here it is. The first post of our long 10 day trip through the North of Spain. I am still not done editing all the pictures but I´ll post them little by little. We have been relaxing at home, recovering from the trip. We bought a small inflatable pool for the roof and had some bbq with the neighbors. But also we have been getting ready for our guests this week. My sister and brother-in-law come tomorrow! Then Sarah´s sister comes on wednesday! We are super excited to have family coming. So it may be another week before there is another post.

But without further ado ....the first town we stopped in was only about 2 hours away from Seville. Cáceres is great to explore because there is a fairly large section of the city with medieval structure that shows no signs of modernity.

Looking across the plaza towards the old part of town.

Looking back at the newer part.

One of our students, Alyssa, rode along with us for the beginning of the trip. It gave Sarah someone to take a picture with and also (as you will see later) someone to take pictures of us.
La Iglesia San Francisco Javier

It was about mid day when we were there and everything was really calm and quiet.

I heard that many movies have been filmed in this area of town because it maintains the time period so well.

Photo by Alyssa

Sarah liked the wall so we shot some senior pics.

At one point there were many different wealthy families trying to control the city so they kept building bigger houses to show that they were the most powerful.

This plaza is one of the bigger nicer ones we have seen

and was recently redone

We only spent about an hour and a half in the city before we were back on the rode towards Salamanca. But we were really glad we stopped there. Salamanca is next!


grandma May 23, 2011 at 6:23 PM  

Its amazing how we in Hanford keep tearing down and other countries seem to treasure their old buildings. Must be the culture.
Great shots and the lighting was good. Lots of sun.

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