Day 4 - A Coruña

>> June 6, 2011

A Coruña (0r La Coruña to the rest of Spain outside of the province of Galicia) was another one of our favorite cities. We arrived not knowing very much about it at all. So we drove around until we cam across this little gem.

The Tower of Hercules is a lighthouse built by the Romans that has been in "continuous" operation for 2000 years. Of course there has been much work done on the structure and it looks very different today, but it was very interesting to check out.

We are not sure what this statue was about.

Fortunately it was free to enter, so we started out tour in the museum underneath the tower. We were able to see the old Roman foundations but I wasn't able to walk comfortably

Up the steps

Sweet view of the city at the top

Looking out at the Atlantic and the compass rose below the tower

We decided to take a walk around the tower near the ocean

We really enjoyed the waves

Sarah enjoyed the sun on the compass rose. There were pictures of different random things supposedly representing the different Celtic peoples. (The area was once inhabited by Celtic tribes.)

We decided to have some beach time since the weather was so nice. So we found a spot below the tower.

After a little beach siesta we had to head out to check out more of the city.

This lady must have been pretty tough. In 1589, English forces were trying to take control of the city. Her husband, whom she was following into battle, was killed by a crossbow. She killed an English banner man and with her shout of "Quien tenga honra, que me siga" ("Whoever has honour, follow me!") and led the charge to drive back the English.

Ice cream break!

Kids playing soccer in nearly every plaza.

Heading out of town, we drove up a hill to a nice park and observatory. The observatory was closed but a lot of people were out enjoying the nice grass and sun.

Big guns

Looking back towards the Tower of Hercules

We like to think that these guys were mobsters.

Then it was off to find our camping. It was a little outside of town, and a little hard to find. But it really was right by the beach.

We were the only ones really camping. The trailers seemed like there were just left there and we only saw 2 people go into one of them.

The beach is right behind this fence. It was nice to fall asleep to the sound of the waves, but it got REALLY cold.

Next up.....Ribadeo, Luarca, and Salinas all in one post!


~MOM~ June 7, 2011 at 6:27 AM  

Yeah! enjoyed your pictures. Grandpa, enjoyed the last ones on saturday. Love you!

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