Day 5 (scenic route) - Ribadeo, Luarca, Salinas

>> June 7, 2011

In between all the major cities that we knew we had to visit, the professors at the school listed a bunch of smaller cities that we had to pass through. We didn't really do much research before the trip so a lot of times we went into a town not knowing at all what to expect.

Ribadeo was a sleepy town that had some nice views of the ocean.

Cool abandoned building

We were really sad to see some graffitti where it shouldn't be.

Luarca was a super sleepy town that we only spent about a half hour in. It was definitely beautiful, with a train passing by up on the mountain and a lazy river weaving through the middle of town.
Hello? anybody? We think this was the main plaza.

We spent awhile looking for a place to eat but then decided to buy some sandwich stuff at the market.

Then we were back on the road.

Our last short stopover was in Salinas.

The weather was a little dreary but it made for some cool pictures.

We found a strange sculpture garden to have a little fun.

I would live here

This guy is dedicated

Shout out to Salinas, California!

Next up is Oviedo!


~MOM~ June 7, 2011 at 1:15 PM  

I enjoyed the pictures very much. thank you, waiting for more..... waiting....:)

grandma June 7, 2011 at 6:26 PM  

Nice scenic drive, that was a cool way to go surfing. Some of those towns looked a little deserted, was it summer hideaways? Did you see any places of business?

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