My Birthday

>> October 9, 2009

For those of you that didn't know yet, I married a good one. I was a little wary about having my birthday here in Spain without family or old friends around but Sarah planned a great day for us to spend together and with some new friends.

The day started with Gui and Leah showing up in the morning with churros and chocolate from our favorite spot. I guess we were still waking up in this picture.

The churros here are amazing. You can kind of see one left in the bowl.

Thank you Gui and Leah! They had to wake up pretty early and waited pretty long to buy the first batch. Good thing they really like churros too.

After class Sarah and I came home and she cooked me some burritos for lunch. It is hard to find the ingredients but she pulled it off. They definitely satisfied the Mexican food craving. Then of course we had a siesta.

Also in the morning Sarah had me open a envelope with a reservation to a spa that is part owned by one of the receptionists at the school. So after siesta we rode the Sevici bikes across town to the very lush spa located in a very lush hotel.

The first part included time in a steam shower, then cold shower, then jet shower (with blasting cold water at the end, then a sauna. It did a number on the nervous system, but was pretty fun. It reminded us of the time we spent at Ben Folds house when we used his steam shower.
Then we spent a good amount of time in the spa room with spas of various temperatures with jets for various muscles. It was very relaxing. I will admit that I utilized the Speedo that Fusion School of Music gifted to me as a going away present. When in Rome......

Our favorite part was the shower looking thing on the left (in the picture below). I want a shower head with as much pressure as that thing. It was amazing on the back and neck.
The waterfall didn't do much except look cool.
You can't see too well but on the right there are lounge chairs in the water and when you push the button you are blasted with bubbles. Reminded me of those gum commercials.

Then it all ended with some relaxing almost-full body massages in a private room upstairs. Sarah kept saying "mas fuerte por favor" The massages were more for relaxing than for adjusting. It was super nice. They gave us champagne and cookies too.

I have also really been craving a good American style burger so for dinner we met up with friends at a place called Foster's Hollywood. Kinda like an Applebees/Chili's vibe. It's also one of the few places where they give free refills. Unfortunately not on beer.

I guess this was my birthday cake.

Enrique, Julie Ann, and Martín


Gui and Leah are very photogenic

So I ate a lot that day.

Thanks to my wonderful wife, new friends, and everyone who sent birthday wishes!
Best birthday in Spain ever!


Mom October 9, 2009 at 6:42 AM  

Hello Sarah and Jordan!!!!I enjoy the blog very much. Thank you for keeping it up. I am so glad you had such a wonderful birthday. Thanks to Sarah :)...You are the best!!! Hope your day is going good, mine is just starting.
Love you!

Rhonda October 10, 2009 at 1:45 PM  

So glad you had a great birthday. I prayed for you here! Sorry I didn't get to message you on Facebook, but made sure Bruce did so you at least got one greeting from the Kanes (who miss you!!!)

By the way, I LOVE that you went ahead and set up the "How you can pray for us" tab. I USE IT!!!

Love and miss you guys.

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